P.S. – I made this…

If you haven’t checked out Erica Domesek’s blog P.S. – I made this…, then you are seriously missing out.  Erica is the queen of modern DIY.  She has made everything from no-sew plaid capes to sunburst mirrors.  Erica has really mastered the art of creating a high-end look for less and got a book deal in the process.  I especially love her neon bib necklace.

07 P.S.   I made this...

Click on the image to see Erica’s instructions, and check out her blog for oodles of great ideas.  I think I need to keep my eyes open next time I head to Home Depot; I would have never thought to turn key identifiers and some chain into a statement necklace.

Top pins for the week

If you have yet to check out Pinterest, it is an absolute must.  I use it to corral inspiration on everything from color to interior design to food.  Here are some of my favorite pins from this week.  And don’t forget to follow me after you join!

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Bathroom gallery wall via i love your crazy

169096160978966307 GcquQWPM c Top pins for the week

Breakfast nook shelving via Lonny Dining Spaces

248472104411030309 mIgZhFjr c Top pins for the week

Super-size vacation photos via Decor and Design by Everything Fabulous

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champagne + lemon sorbet + mint via Sweets and Treats by Christine Martinez

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The harder you work, the luckier you get via Graphic and Type Love by Katie Rodgers

Small changes, big impact

When we bought this house, there weren’t house numbers.  Scratch that, there were house numbers, they just weren’t on the house.  They were on a dilapidated lantern (connected to the house by an extension cord buried in the ground!) located at the front of the yard.  Well, it didn’t take long for the “numbers” part of the lantern to break, making it very difficult for new people to find our house.

Feb 026 225x300 Small changes, big impactSome time later we bought new house numbers, and more time later they were installed.  Yay! We finally had house numbers! Several months after that, we decided to paint the house gray, which was really exciting.  Then we realized that the house numbers that we had practically just put up weren’t going to work.  They were brushed nickel and would completely blend in with the paint, essentially rendering them useless.

570d3584 5b4a 4876 a378 b89effa91aae 300 Small changes, big impact

The only options were to buy new house numbers or to paint what we already had, so I took a page from Sherry’s (from Young House Love) playbook and suggested we paint them oil-rubbed bronze.  Our mailbox had been spray-painted to match the previous house color, so that obviously needed an update as well.  The mailbox thus joined our house numbers on the way to oil-rubbed-bronze-ville.

  Feb 0251 225x300 Small changes, big impact

We’re happy with the results; we might even stick with this mailbox–it’s not so ugly anymore.  To see the big picture and also the before, check out yesterday’s post.