Sneak peak

I’ve never really been into dressing with the trends.  Don’t get me wrong, I follow the trends, but most of them would look either absolutely ridiculous or just simply unflattering on me.  So I parse through the trends and figure out what works for me, which typically means keeping it simple.  I was ecstatic when colorblocking became big.  I’ve been doing it for years, and my color combinations are where I shine.  Here’s an outfit straight from my playbook with a surprise: I’m debuting a new collection next month, and I’ve included a little sneak peak of what’s to come.

26 Sneak peak

Pair it with my graduated pink jasper necklace, and you’re all set.

il 570xN.332201346 Sneak peak

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want to be the first to know when theres a sale1 300x160 Sneak peak

How to Wear It: Ready for Spring

Happy first day of Spring! I’m soooo ready for it.  I really, really don’t like cold weather.  The weather has been gorgeous recently (with a high of 80° one day last week), and I hope that it sticks around for a while.  Also, check out my etsy shop; I’ve added lots of new jewelry, including the earrings featured here today.  They’re one of my favorite items in the new batch.

19 casual gray and pink How to Wear It: Ready for Spring

il 570xN.320922864 How to Wear It: Ready for Spring